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Discussion in 'Website & Graphic Reviews' started by newbie09, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Feb 24, 2010
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    Competition helps but it depends on your auidence base which you are trying to target. If it is between 25-40, they are good to solve or answer trivia questions and hoping to get prizes but above the age range its tough. So you need to come with really good ones to intrigue your audience base and you should know them before you start one.

    Also as Fergal said, try to focus on quality not quantity to avoid some one timers who show for the prize alone.

    I would recommend writing blogs, visiting related websites and contributing them and collabrating with the webmasters to promote your websites. That would be way to go.
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    Jan 4, 2010
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    My web designer told me, the competition should not be open until I get more members, which makes sense.

    At the moment I have contacted other record labels and music agencies to work with. So far I have got a reply off the 2. One record label wants to work with me and the other is a not for profit music agency that promotes unsigned artists. So far they are asking questions.

    With their help, I can get more members, more exposure and more videos. Hopefully it works out.

    Thanks to all for the feedback received.

    On the homepage, I'm going to remove the members area in the top right as it shows I only got a few members. To get more members to join, I have to look more established.

    In terms of the colours etc., I cant make these changes now. I'm skint so I cant afford to pay more to my web designer but thanks for the feedback.

    I wish I could use paypal but its not possible as I'm suspended from them. Moneybookers are better though even if paypal are more well known. Paypal get too many complaints.

    Plus do you know that there is a website dedicated to paypal called

    Sorry but thought you should know.
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    You can make another account. But don't use the same credit card you used before. I'm my side, Paypal doesn't have any bad thing besides those fees they ask for personal accounts. Other than that, it's good for me.

    And yeah. I knew about that site and I read some complaints. But I think they should complain on the authorities not with each other. :D
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    Nov 18, 2007
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    newbie09, thanks for the update.

    That's great progress, keep up the good work, onwards and upwards.

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