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    We convert paper documents into dimensionally accurate AutoCAD files. Scanned drawings, blueprints and PDF files are manually traced by trained AutoCAD drafters, and checked continually by licensed US architects for accuracy.

    You can Outsource Paper to CAD Conversion to all types of Architectural drawings including plan, elevation, sections, drawings of HVAC, Electrical, Fire fighting, Plumbing, Landscaping drawings, Structural drawings, Outsource Paper to CAD Conversion Service, Hand Sketch to CAD Conversion , Survey drawings, Sanitation & Piping plan, utilities, working drawings etc..

    What's the need for paper to CAD?
    There can be various different reasons why paper to CAD conversion is required. CAD format drawings are easier to store and edit and are not subject to wear and tear over time as is the case with the conventional paper drawings.

    Term "Paper to CAD" within the AEC industry means the process of converting a paper drawing into CAD format. There are some very similar terms: CAD conversion, PDF to DWG, raster to vector, victimization, paper-to-cad, and some more. "CAD" stands for Computer Aided Design.

    Our Paper to CAD Conversion Services:

    » Paper to Archi CAD Conversion
    » Paper to CAD conversion of mechanical drawings
    » Paper to CAD conversion of drawings of engineering communications
    » Paper to CAD conversion of schemes
    » Paper to CAD conversion of topographical maps

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