Work place workouts: What is Ergonomics?

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    Eight hours of a desk job, a computer right in your face and a constantly ringing phone; does that sound similar to you?

    Every day while going back home do you find your hands constantly reaching your back? Well, that's all because we aren't sitting right or not making an attempt to do some kind of physical activity while at work. That is when Ergonomics comes to rescue.

    Ergonomics means 'work naturally'. Arrange your work station such a way that you can work efficiently and comfortably.

    Why Ergonomics?
    Long hours of sitting in faulty posture can cause aches and pains. Bad posture leads to shortening of one group of muscles with lengthening of other group, causing weakness in both groups of muscles. The weak muscles are prone for strains and easy fatigue, leading to ligament and joint injury thereby giving pains.

    Good posture and ideal work station helps to increases productivity at work, reduces absent ism and gives job satisfaction.

    Ergonomics essentials

    Ideal work station should have following things:

    1. The top computer screen at eye level with minimum distance of 30 cm's.

    2. Position keyboard directly in front of your body.

    3. Reduce glare by keeping computer at right angle to window.

    4. The back should be straight and well supported on back rest.

    5. Feet supported on wedge shape stool.

    6. Enough leg space below table for free leg movement.

    7. Table height should be adjusted such that shoulders are relaxed with elbows at 90 - 110 degree position on keyboard.

    8. Keep neck straight with jaw parallel to ground.

    9. While using laptop use adjustable stand.

    10. When not typing, relax arms sideways.

    11. Frequently used items keep close to you to avoid stretching.

    12. Use headset or speaker phone to avoid cradling the headset.

    13. Use light touch while typing.

    Need for Ergonomics

    In the computer task there are certain conditions or risk factors that can contribute to the development of musculoskeletal disorder.

    1. Typing for long periods without rest causing finger and wrist pain

    2. Working in awkward position gives shoulder and spine pains.

    3. Continuous pressure against wrist can leads to carpel tunnel syndrome.

    While at work station take frequent micro breaks 2-3 mins every 2 hour. This helps to rejuvenate muscle for better action without causing fatigue. During micro break either stand or stroll in the office.

    Ergonomics: Exercises at work station

    1. Keep cushion at lower back, squeeze back against cushion.

    2. Stretch arms upwards towards the roof.

    3. Turn your body on either side.

    4. Keeping hands on back arch your spine.

    5. Try to touch your feet.

    6. Cover eyes with your palm and take deep breaths.

    *Above exercises to be done at least 3 repetition each thrice a day.

    Ergonomics: Tips to follow:

    1. Adjust your work station.

    2. Take micro break at work.

    3. Regular exercises at work station.

    4. Maintain good posture.

    Data Courtesy:Dr. Shivangi Borkar; Head of the Department of Physiotherapy at P. D. Hinduja National Hospital & Medical Research Center
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    It is really a good part whoch you have shared with us magician661.this will really help our community members:).
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    Ergonimics plays a very important role... But most of them are not aware of its importance or neglect it due to lack of time and laziness..
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    I am agreed with AnushaJain that it is really a nice sharing. I personally like this stuff that you shared. I think every person should read this post.
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    I am over 10-12 Hours a day on computers , it's terrible.. feeling bad..
    Just started yogo and seems great.
    Wanted to focus on other workouts too.

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