Why Setting up a Facebook Store Is So Important?

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    More and more businessmen today are investing significant financial and human resources into facebook marketing and interacting with fans. Facebook is considered to be one of the most effective sales channels to increase revenues. Its popularity is continuing to rise – until July, 2011, there are 750 million people using the network. The following reasons explain why a Facebook store is so important? According to the data from Compete.com,
    * Facebook has 750 million active users
    * Average of 130 friends would like to share your products or services
    * Most Facebook users spend 14 minutes per day on-site
    * 40% of people tend to use social networking sites when shopping online
    * Over 50% fans visit preferred business pages regularly for sales, coupons and promotions
    * Facebook business transaction is increasing about 10 percent per month
    Facebook shopping cart is easy to set up and manage. Some kind of shopping carts like payvment and Quickerbuy allow users to shop directly from facebook while other allow users to click through Facebook to their own website, like Shop Tab. No matter what kind of storefront you install, you fans don't need to register to be your member and make their purchase. Below are 10 leading F commerce software solution providers.
    * Payvment
    * Quickerbuy Store
    * Vendorshop
    * Shop Tab
    * SortPrice
    * Storefront Social
    * Boosket
    * Ecwid
    * Fluid
    * Zibaba
    Facebook now are filled with different types of products, including electronics, apparels and accessories, tablet computers, toys, baby products, charity donations, etc. Not only businesses with large fan bases have been achieving their success, small businesses of all types and sizes have done a great job as well. A good example is Silver Kandi who receives several orders a day when the number of their fans exceeds 800.
    F commerce popularity should not be regarded as a fad. Social commerce offers good sales potential for the next 5 years. It is changing retail world every day.
    6 tips for a successful Facebook store:
    * Choose a shop application like Quickerbuy store without complicated backend and with easy customization capability
    * Use high definition product images and attractive product title
    * Make your wall be your shop window
    * Give your fans reward, like freebies, discounts, coupon codes and promotions
    * Make your store have your own feature
    * Update regularly
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    facebook can really helo your business if you know how to use it.
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    Yes, indeed. I've seen as I myself have been a victim of good facebook marketing.

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