Why is this easy Tax-Free income overlooked by 99% of Small Business Owners?

Discussion in 'Accounting and Taxes' started by TaxFreeMoney, Dec 18, 2011.

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    Most small home business owners don't realize there's thousands of dollars of tax-free income sitting in their home business and they just don't recognize it.

    Its simple too, all you need to do is business at home (ok), and this "one activity" that you are already doing (ok), but haven't recognized the easy income sitting right in front of you... and it's Tax-Free too!

    Most CPA's and accountants have missed this benefit because its hidden at the end of an IRS Rule (last page, last paragraph - no wonder, right?) and not readily apparent.

    Plus, the thousands of dollars in Tax-Free income to you, the business owner, is also a big tax deductible expense to your business, so you save thousands in taxes too!

    And, there are many new ancillary business expenses that add-up to new tax deductions for your business and even more tax savings!

    Its simply a matter of converting some of your daily living expenses into legitimate business expenses and reaping the tax and income rewards... after all, that's part of why you're in business aren't you?

    Talk about a win-win-win... and all the details are available at the Foundation's website: http://www.FoundFreedom.org

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