Why is everyone looking for the “Adsense alternative” in affiliate marketing?

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    August 4, 2012

    Searching for affiliate marketing around webmaster and marketing forums you will find countless posts and threads about what affiliate network or program is the best Adsense alternative.

    In fact, it’s akward to look for and adsense alternative in affiliate marketing since those two fields of business are not related at all.
    It’s a common mistake to think that affiliate links/marketing can replace Adsense.

    Well, affiliate marketing can do work alone in a website as well as work with adsense together.

    It’s needless to alternate adsense with affiliate programs. Adsense is a pure PPC network(pay per click) and has nothing to do with CPA(Cost per action) which is the heart of affiliate marketing.

    A suggestion is to either optimize completely a website for adsense or work with both of them together. It’s possible to have a blog with product reviews(and affiliate links to those products) and have a 250×250 sidebar adsense unit or a 468×60 adsense unit under the review post.

    So, stop looking for the adsense alternative in affiliate marketing, you just waste time The sooner you manage to understand the principles of those two fields, the better you can work with them together and maximize the profit.

    By Thanos Petropoulos, Webmaster at TopAffiliateWebsites.com
    Article Source URL: http://topaffiliatewebsites.com/blog/?p=37
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    Very nice, Thanoz.

    I'd like to offer some input for readers, as well. I have found that mixing monetization methods on a page can be confusing for visitors and can reduce effectiveness. Therefore, I work either Adsense or affiliate links on a page, but not both - in most cases. And when monetizing a page for affiliate products, I provide lots of information about the product (try to actually use the product myself, so I can provide honest feedback) and then weave my recommendation into my content using a contextual link.

    These things have worked well for me, and thought I'd share!

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