Which Online Businesses Work in 2020?

Discussion in 'Business Ideas' started by Harvard MM, Mar 3, 2020.

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    I'll add to the valuable stream of answers here already by suggesting to you sectors that will yield business profitability ANY year they are started:

    1. Food. More specifically, Healthy Food Sector. Niches: healthier, affordable food options for picky eaters (children), low-weighters looking to add some healthy pounds, skinny kids or teens or men looking to add some healthy body mass, etc.
    2. Health: Breakthrough ( and culturally acceptable) solutions in mental, emotional and psychological health.
    3. Education: Affordable streaming service for students struggling with data costs.
    4. Agriculture: Organic at a large scale and affordable scale.
    5. Housing: Practical and really affordable options for low- income earners.
    6. Transport: , lower-cost transport options for doorstep delivery companies and businesses.
    By incorporating the use of technology in any of these sectors, you stay ahead. Feel free to contact for added sector options if you'd want.

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