When Forgot Windows XP Password - How to Troubleshoot the Problem

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    Windows XP - an ageing Microsoft Windows operating system, won’t die easily.
    It is ten years since Microsoft released what turned out be the world’s most popular operating system into the wild—into the hands of manufactures like Dell and HP to install on new PCs. Yes, that operating system is Windows XP. Are you still using the ageing operating system? Well, did you forgot Windows XP password problem before?

    Don’t panic when facing with Windows XP admin password lost.
    Forgetting Windows XP password has never been strange to computer users over these ten years. In the past, people found it hard to recover the forgotten XP login password easily. They usually made it by reinstalling the operating system. However, today we can find easier and safer ways to reset those lost XP passwords. While system reinstallation has to give up when competing with such easy and convenient ways on password forgot in Windows XP problem. So, don’t panic if you forgot your computer password. Follow this passage and you will find exact solutions to recover lost Windows XP password.

    Way1. Windows XP users and prevent a forgotten password option
    If you have Windows XP and have gone through the "prevent a forgotten password option" and have created a disk in the before your XP password was forgotten, then you can use the disk created to recover the forgotten password, just follow the below steps:

    1. At the Windows XP login prompt when the password is entered incorrectly, click the reset button in the login failed window.
    2. Insert the password reset disk into the computer and click “Next” then.

    If the disk was correctly created, then Windows XP will open a window prompting for a new password you wish to change.

    However, for those people who don’t have such a disk, then they need to seek for some professional XP password reset tools.

    Way2. Hack Windows XP password with SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Standard.
    SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Standard tool is a professional tool designed to fix the problem when you forgot XP, Vista or Win 7 password etc. Throughout the password recovery process with this tool, you don’t need to do anything since it can finish the process automatically. Below are the easy steps:
    Step1: Download and run this XP password reset application on any accessible computer. (Not the locked one)
    Step2: Prepare for a blank and writable CD/DVD. And next insert it to the computer for burning the ISO image file of SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Standard to it.
    Step3: Once the burning is finished, take out the CD/DVD and then insert it to the target PC. After that, set this PC boot from CD/DVD.
    Step4: Now you can reset your forgotten XP login password with this burned CD/DVD.
    When the PC restarts, a new interface of Windows Password Recovery Standard will show up, and what you need to do is just one click of “Next” button on the interface.

    With less than 2 minutes later, you then can regain access to your XP computer. So now, would you still worry about the problem if you forgot XP password?

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