When exactly is Google's birthday? Why does Google celebrate its birthday on different dates?

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    Today i-e 27th September, 2016, the Search Engine Google is showing an animated Doodle for celebrating its 18th Birthday.

    Previously Google had celebrated its birthday on many different dates like September 7th, 8th and 26th.

    When exactly is Google's birthday? Why Google celebrate its birthday on different dates?
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    Even Google isn't sure when it's birthday is. According to an article on Independent.co.uk, nothing special really happened to Google on September 27th, but other things happened on different dates. If you use the date the domain was first registered, Google turned 19 on September 17 (Moderator's note: That would be like using the date you choose a baby's name as their birthdate). The first investment in Google was $100,000 in August of 1998, when Google, Inc. did not yet exist. Google was officially incorporated on September 4, 1998, which is probably the closest we can get to an actual "birthday".

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