What is the next 10 years time on about books technology ?

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    From Slate pads to Tablets : From Paper Textbooks to Kindle Devices

    Since I was young, 36 years ago, in 1975. I recognize when studying in school. There were only 3 main things students had to bring with them to school for attending class. They were ; slate pad, pencil for writing onto slate and textbooks.

    Slate pad were been used for my first year of school then later on the school have been using paper notebooks instead.

    How was slate pad have been used ? Its unique is having a white scratch lines when a slate pad being scraped by pencil. A teachers teach students by writing on blackboard front of class. Students look at the blackboard which compose with what teachers have written. This the method of teaching at the old day.

    Paper note books have been using for many years instead of slate pad since then.

    Recently, I have heard that tablets will be replaced a paper note books in all schools across country. Think about textbooks as well. After Amazon invented Kindle devices for E-book reading. This is the new revolution regarding to books circle.

    Sooner or later, perhaps men may not use pen and pencil for writing. Just only click mouse and carry note book or tablet with him for school and workplace.

    What do you think ?

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