What is the best way to crack Windows 7 password?

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    How to crack Windows 7 password, I have lost the administrator password to my Windows 7 password, It prompts me for an admin or power on password at boot and i put in 1234 and it lets me in but on a guest account. Any help to crack Windows 7 password and regain control of the pc without wiping any data would be great.

    There are 3 common ways used by most people.

    1. Through safe mode with default admin account

    Use the build in machine administrator, if it's unlocked. Knowing that administrator's can change the administrator password, access to the built-in administrative account and entry to the user account control panel applet. To see if your windows 7 built in admin account is unlocked; you will need to start the computer normally. When it finishes loading, you will the default windows 7 administrator account appears in the login screen, click that account, after entering your system, go to control panel to change your other account password . If you have no luck with the default administrator account, I mean the default account doesn’t appear in the login screen, this tip won’t help. As Windows 7 usually disable built in admin account by default, so you need to enable it before losing the other account password.


    2. Try a Windows 7 password crack freeware—Ophcrack.

    Ophcrack is famous for its free cost in the field of Window password recovery. If you are quite good at computing and have enough patience in operating such a complicated program, you can take it as a try. Another disadvantage of Ophcrack is that it cannot crack a password which is over 14 characters. I guess this is probably why Jim said Ophcrack doesn’t work for his Winows 7 PC.

    3. Use professional Windows 7 password cracker—Windows Password Key

    Windows Password Key is with high quality and friendly user interface, and even a computer novice can control the whole process with their text step-by-step guides or a detailed video image for guidelines. Below are the 3 steps to tell you easily crack your lost Windows 7 password with this professional cracker.

    Step1: Download and install the free Windows Password Key

    Step2: Burn a password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
    Step3: Crack the forgotten Windows 7 password with the burned CD/DVD or USB drive

    To know more detailed information of such a magic Windows 7 password cracker, please go into their official website: http://www.lostwindowspassword.com/windows-password-recovery.htm.

    Windows 7 password crack is quite easy with these three methods. Good luck to you.

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