What is SLA and its importance in Web hosting

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    SLA Stands for Service level agreement which is a part of a product or service contract between a customer and a service provider. It has different level of services which are formally defined according to the usage of services. In simple terms SLA is used to refer as a contracted delivery time of the service and product deployment and its performance. For a example, web* hosting service providers will commonly include service level agreements within their services and* products with the terms of their contracts with customers to define the level of service being sold in plain language terms.

    SLA is really important while an individual is going to host his website with a web hosting service provider. To find a reliable web host is the first step to check and read customer testimonials whether they are providing and serving all the services mentioned* in their SLA or not. This SLA applies to only clients who have ordered Shared Hosting Services, Reseller Hosting Services, Virtual Private Servers,*Cloud Hosting, dedicated web servers, from a web host.* Each and every company should have their individual points in their SLA. SLA can be of different types like Customer level SLA, Service based SLA and many more.

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