What is cloud computing

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    Cloud computing delivers computing services—including servers, warehouses, storage databases, data sets, networking, software, analytics, and intellect over the Internet to provide quicker invention, elastic resources, and thrifts of scale. You generally pay only for cloud services you use, reducing operating costs, running your infrastructure more efficiently, and scaling as your business needs change.

    Cloud computing is a substantial shift from the time-honored mode businesses think about IT resources. Here are some reasons companies are shifting to cloud computing services:

    1. Cloud computing stops the capital expense of purchasing hardware and software and putting up and operating on-site datacenters
    2. Most cloud computing services are delivered on-demand so that you can be provided in minutes, generally with a single click.
    3. The most crucial cloud computing services operate on a worldwide network of secure data centers, regularly elevated to the latest years of quick and efficient computing hardware.
    4. Cloud computing creates data backup, tragedy comeback, and company continuity better available and slightly pricey because data can be a mirror at numerous duplicative sites on the cloud provider’s network.
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