What are the risks involved involved in starting a pharmaceutical stockist business ?

Discussion in 'Starting a Business' started by arth0, Dec 19, 2013.

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    I am from India.I have no problem regarding arranging initial capital for pharma stockist business since that will be taken care of my brother-in-law. what are the other risks involved? I mean are there risks like the medicine purchased cant be sold to the retailers because of low or no demand?? Also how does one make profit in this business when there are many competing stockists to supply to the retailers?
    Actually I am very confused as I am not getting proper family support. I dont what are my goals and what should I do to make a livelihood. I am 37 yr old man bachelor & I dont have any good friends either so as to get advice or support. So I want to get married fast but my family is resisting since I am still living on their money. What if the amount invested is more than the revenue generated?
    Now about the business I have to depend on my sisters husband for capital whom I mentioned in the start. Now he is also offering me a job in his office. what should I do? Join job and move to another city where they are located or do pharma stockist business in my hometown? I cant decide as I want to settle fast and I want to play safe. I want to earn good amount of money but with less hassles.
    Seeking some good advices from benevolent persons of this forum.

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    Hey there are so many factors to start the business but you have to follow some of them.first of all you have to promote your business, so that people know about your business. Find the best b2b website and add there your business.

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