What are Best CTI Platforms in the market?

Discussion in 'Apps & Software' started by Beth_Boujard, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Beth_Boujard

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    Apr 5, 2017
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    Hey, BAFers!
    Our team is talking about implementing CTI in 3 months time, and I'd like to know if anyone here as had any luck using this type of software or solution.
    We're in the real estate business for two years now, and from 10 agents we're looking at adding 15 more. Computer telephony integration isn't a favorite topic and one that I have yet to master simply because I didn't view it as something worth taking a look, but the benefits and advantages stated in every article I've read for the past months tell me it's worth considering.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Referrals are also welcome so don't be shy. We're trying to build a list of potential CTI platforms we could contact, and our team needs all the help we can get. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Joseph.Shivell

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    Please keep in mind that solicitation of any kind is not permitted in normal forum posts, so please do not post telling Beth to contact you. If you do have a legitimate recommendation, however, please let her know, in detail, why you are making a recommendation. Simply saying "I ilke XYZ Company because they're good" or even simply "You can use ABC company" serves no useful purpose.

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