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    We've made a few changes to the forum, adding a new sub-forum to the New Member's Area, a subforum for your comments on the newsletter, and an entire new forum to encourage participation that not only allows you to help make the forum better, but can benefit you as well! Here's a summary of the new changes:

    Business Advice Forum Best Practices - This sub-forum gives members hints on how to make their posts better, making them clearer and more helpful. They are also connected to the newsletter, with a short summary in the newsletter itself, which includes a link to the more detailed thread in the forum.

    Newsletter Questions, Feedback & Suggestions - This is a sub-forum of the "Member Questions, Feedback & Suggestions" forum where member can comment about the Newsletter or ask questions about anything in the newsletter.

    Get More Involved with the BAF community - This is a group of threads provided for those who may wish to become more involved by contributing special articles to the forum, or even helping moderate the forum.
    • Become A Newsletter Content Creator - this is an opportunity to share your knowledge with the other members, by writing an article related to your type of business.
    • Have Your Business Featured In Our Newsletter - this is an opportunity to introduce other members to your business not by advertising, but by providing a short biography and description of your business.
    • Become A BAF Moderator - This gives you an opportunity to be actively involved in enhancing and maintaining the quality of the forum, as well as helping other members find their way around, and helping them write better posts.
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