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    Based in Ontario, Javamax offers exclusive opportunities for those who
    want to start their own business, but have no idea how. Javamax is a
    premier company with over 29 years of history and experience to help our
    vendors succeed in the vending world. Our exclusive and unique products
    are designed to help drive traffic and maximize sales. Currently, we have
    just launched a new coffee vending machine. This is a state of the art
    machine that is designed and manufactured in Canada. We focused exclusive
    on the coffee products because we understand that here in Canada with over
    81% of adults as chronic coffee drinkers, coffee is a booming market,
    especially here in Canada. Did you know that Canada drinks more coffee per
    capita than anywhere else in the world? Our machines are the pioneer in
    the industry with the ability to make over 12 selections of premium
    gourmet coffee in less than 30 seconds, such as a creamy caffe latte, or a
    rich cappuccino, or maybe a sweet aromatic French vanilla, a delicious hot

    Javamax offers full support, full training, low startup cost with a high
    return on investment for our vendors. Much like franchisee’s of big chain
    stores, we offer you an one stop convenient option for you to start your
    own franchise business. However, Javamax is different from all the other
    companies, because of our low initial startup cost. You don’t have to
    invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into your business, yet the return
    on your investment far exceeds your initial cost. Typically our vendors
    make back their initial investment in a matter of months. Now that is
    something unheard of!

    Here at Javamax, we invest in the success of our vendors, because we
    understand that your success is our success, and we take pride on knowing
    that our vendors are succeeding through the business opportunities that we
    have provided them.
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    Nov 18, 2007
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    Welcome to Business Advice Forum javamax. I look forward to reading posts from you that read a little less like an ad :)
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    Sep 5, 2012
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    Welcome to the forum.

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