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    Virtual Assistants are well-diverse and professionally skilled in using different WordPress platforms. The installation and configuration of a wordpress plug-in is a skilled work done by a Virtual Assistant. Moreover publishing blogs and articles related to your business is can be integrated as a Virtual Personal Assistant is an expert of this. Also being a Virtual Assistant, one must be familiar with the HTML basics to modify and customize the website header or footer. Virtual Assistant can generate numbers of unique blogs and articles for your business and enhance them through the used of Wordpress plug-ins.

    Social Networking Creation and Management

    Who would say that Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linked and Ning are for the purpose of socializing only? Almost all the online businesses today have their own social media accounts and these are professionally created and manage by a Virtual Assistant. This service provides social media contents that are proficient and resourceful. Since social networking is more on socializing and communicating a Virtual Assistant is also an expert of communicating to the other users thru providing professional business information that are related to your business. You can even introduce your product or service offered thru social media interaction. Reality shows that your tick tock is always clicking and you even want to make some extra hours to lengthen the day to make 30 hours per day instead of 24. Because of tons of work load appointment and meeting you don’t even have the time to check your Facebook account and add a friend or tweet your followers. But Virtual Assistant do all this for you, they just not ping or tweet messages moreover they are considering themselves as if they are in your shoes for your repute is important to them and they need to hold on that. So, don’t be shocked that if you hire a Virtual Assistant more will visits your website and you even gained hundreds of friends and potential clients from social media sites.

    Article Writing and Marketing

    No matter how brilliant your website is, it won’t make any boom to the online world until you started your business introduction thru article marketing. Article Marketing becomes a viral strategy of Internet Marketing in spreading your business content and published them to the different article directories. So, why article marketing is important? Article writing is the article creation about the relevant issues with regards to your business and marketing it to the different directories gives an impression to the readers that you are an expert of that line of business. Moreover they think about your line of business the top of their choices is yours because of your informative article.

    There’s no need for you to get your pen and paper for a professional Virtual office Assistant who ahs the expertise in article writing and marketing will do the work for you.


    It is not important how many clients you have right now but what is necessary is how you can sustain them and eventually increase their numbers. Thru e-marketing a personal Virtual Assistant will send updates and ads to your clients. With this, you are ensured that their trust and patronage will always be with you.
    These are just some of the Virtual Assistant services offered for you. So, don’t be surprise be this list will comes to pages. Imagine the flexibility and convenience once you hire a Virtual Assistant. You meet all your business objectives thru entrusting it to a professionally skilled Virtual office Assistant. Read more about virtual assistant service at
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    - Appointment setting
    - Bill paying
    - Blog updates
    - Business letter writing
    - Calendar management
    - Coordinate customer mailings
    - Create sales reports
    - Email(manage or sort incoming email )
    - Virtual Recruitment Staff
    - Format documents, reports, e-books
    - Invoice management
    - Meeting scheduling organization
    - Presentation creation
    (PowerPoint, QuickTime, Real Player)
    - Press release distribution
    - Proposal creation
    - SEO Assistants
    - Online Marketing Assistants
    - Respond to customer emails/phone calls
    - Medical/ Clinical Assistants
    - Specialized industry service
    (e.g. Virtual Assistants real estate VAs)
    - Spreadsheet creation
    - Survey coordination
    - Telephone assistance
    - Transcription from audio
    - Desktop Publishing services
    - Travel arrangements
    - Typing
    - Venue booking
    - Website routine maintenance
    - Personal Assistance Services
    - Reminder services
    - Internet Researcher
    - Increase Facebook Traffic (New)
    - EBay Trading Assistants
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    Hi infinity - gone are the days where PA services were reserved for the top shot business directors and high flying CEO's. Virtual assistants definitely make a little helping hand more accessible to normal folks :) and i never knew you could hire a VA to help increase Facebook traffic.

    I am a virtual assistant at and just deal with telephone answering, message taking and document typing tasks. It is interesting to see how the VA business is evolving to invole web marketing & SEO, social media rather than your typical VA tasks as mentioned above!
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    How long have you worked for them deliah?

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