USB Headphones mess up sound?

Discussion in 'Apps & Software' started by Norilliam, Jul 29, 2020.

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    So recently i got a pair of USB headphones, but everytime i plug them in my sound gets extremelly loud, so loud that i have to use them on 1%. I use an app that managed to turn it down a bit but that isnt really a solution, when i plug then out i have to reset all the settings, and it can get really awkward when i have to hold a presentation on the speakers and omegle xender forget to reset it (professor got really nervous because we had a very tight tine frame).
    Also one thing i noticed is that game dialog can be very quiet. When i play games i always have to turn on subtitles because i cant hear anything otherwise.
    At first i thought it was just my headset but i tried a friends headset also and i had the same problem. I also tries updating/reinstalling/installing new drivers and nothing helps. And i have to use USB headphones because of my job.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    What make are the headphones? Are they cheap unbranded items you brought?

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