Understand Symantec Vulnerability Assessment by Platinum Certificate Authority

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    Symantec is antivirus computer software that helps reduce the threat of viruses and other security issues that can wreak havoc on computers. Vulnerabilities are defined as viruses that can allow hackers into a computer program. This article describes the most recent Symantec vulnerability and how it was resolved.

    Vulnerabilities are described as flaws within computer software that create weaknesses in the computer’s security program. If found, these vulnerabilities allow threats to exploit these weaknesses and can potentially damage the computer and its software. As soon as vulnerabilities are detected, antivirus companies like Symantec quickly spring into action to create a security patch to cover the vulnerability with Free Symantec vulnerability assessment tool.

    Recently, Symantec’s Antivirus Corporate Edition 10.0 and Symantec Client Security 3 were both victims of a vulnerability that was reported as a threat by eEye Digital Security, which is another type of virus-detecting software. Luckily, Symantec was able to find the vulnerability and quickly get it patched up with vulnerability assessment tool before any serious damage had resulted to any of its customer base. If it had gone undetected and Symantec had not developed a patch for this problem, it might have affected several customers, doing untold damage to corporate computer software that was utilizing Symantec’s antivirus programs.

    The vulnerability was described as a type of stack overflow that could potentially enable a hacker to execute code on an affected machine. Essentially this problem, if left unpatched, can create system crashes and also allow hackers to instigate malicious code that affects an entire system level. Symantec was able to find and disable the vulnerability within three days of the threat coming to light.

    Threats to antivirus software programs, such as those developed by Symantec, occur constantly. Symantec has a team dedicated to working on developing security patches that protect its customers from hackers and other perceived threats.

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