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    13 Tips To Increase Traffic With Twitter

    Twitter is one of the greatest social media sites on the web. There are thousands upon thousands of twitter users, and you can generate a big share of this traffic if you know how.

    Twitter allows you to post any link from the web along side with a description for a total of a 140 character limit. When posting on twitter, you can gain “followers.” Followers are people who keep up with your posts. These people don’t necessarily keep up with everything you post, but they are informed of your latest updates.

    The following are 13 tips to increase your twitter traffic.

    Twitter Tips #1 Add A Picture

    Add a profile picture. A picture is a great way to tell people that you are dedicated. It builds recognition, curiosity, and is a great way to earn people’s trust. Every time people see your face or icon, they will see something they recognize; something they can trust. The sole reason of recognition may entice them to click on your posts. Especially if they know you put out great content. Chances are, you will gain more followers for uploading a picture.

    A picture always sticks out!

    Twitter Tips #2 Article Titles For Tweets

    Make the topic or description of your tweets the same as you would for an article title. This will generate interest and more views.

    Twitter Tips # 3 Be An Expert

    Know your field. Learn the faq on the categories of your niche. Try to be perceived as an expert in your field of knowledge. The more knowledgeable you become, the better the advice you can share, and the more people will look at you as an expert.

    Twitter Tips #4 Hot Topics

    Write about topics that will be interesting to your specific community. Attention grabbing posts are the way to go. Look out for the latest news in your niche and use these hot topics as posts!

    Twitter Tips # 5 Add Value

    Generally speaking, make sure you post some valuable stuff! The more worthy your tweets, the more people will want to see what you have to put forth.

    Twitter Tips #6 Common Interest

    Best idea is to follow people of whom you share a common interest. I like internet marketing so I would follow people who also like internet marketing. This will better your exposure on twitter. People you find interesting will most likely find you interesting.

    Twitter Tips #7 Be A Higher Figure

    This is more of a general tip, but be professional. Be friendly and respectful, and never show anger. Be mature and act as an authority figure.

    Twitter Tips #8 Don’t Be Selfish

    Benefit the people. Do not post for the sole sake of selling products. Provide some value to your viewers if you want people to continually follow you. Remember, people can “unfollow” you anytime they want.

    Twitter Tips #9 Self Control

    Do not “overtweet.” Posting too many links may cause your followers to “unfollow” you. You can use your twitter stats to see if someone has stopped following you. This will give you a good idea if you are keeping your tweets at a good level. About 3-4 tweets a day should be a reasonable amount.

    Twitter Tips #10 Use Tweetburner Perhaps

    Tweetburner enables you to shorten your tweet urls. This will give you more space for a description. You can track click stats with tweetburner, helping you find out which tweets are more effective; or rather, which tweet strategies are working best. With this knowledge, you can tweak your “tweets” for the more traffic generating potential. It also will give you the timings of day which you tweets are clicked, which also may be helpful.

    Twitter Tips #11 Duplicate Posts

    Some people who use twitter notice that posting the same “tweet” within time frames during the day helps exposure. Posting the same tweet up to four times a day may help increase views, especially if your followers have tons of other followers not to mention tons of other updates.

    Twitter Tips #12 Increase Followers

    Increase your followers by adding followers of your own. It is most probable that those you add to follow will add you back.

    Twitter Tips #13 Beyond Twitter

    Generate more “tweets” by adding an RSS feed to your web pages; another good way to increase your followers and promote your content.

    These are my twitter tips for you. I hope you enjoyed.
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    Thanks for sharing same informations, awesome even if I am not a great user of twitter, it'll be nice.
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    Thank you for this great information, very useful Tips for .........
    Make your tweets an attention grabber by writing things which are interesting to the community. Be on the look out for hot topics and be ready to post the article in your blog. Members of the twitter community will be truly interested with you and what you have to say. They will soon drop by your site or blog once you have announced to the community what you have written.
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    Another impressive tips here. Duplicate Posts? I'm not sure if I'll follow this but maybe it's also good to try it, although I have doubts on it.

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