Tricks to Effectively Promote Blogs On Social Media As A Digital Marketing Agency

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    Run Facebook ads for blogs

    Content marketing is very much a part of a digital marketing strategy and it’s cost-effective too. Creating a Facebook ad account for blog promotion is recommended to expand your audience reach. By sharing blog links on Facebook, your target users will be able to view, read, and share them. Also, don’t forget to politely ask your audience to like, share, and comment on your blog posts.


    Sending short and simple newsletters via emails to your customers and prospects about your new blog or article is a great way to enhance blog traffic, not to mention budget-friendly too.

    Optimize content for every platform

    If your content is desktop-friendly but you didn’t optimize it to fit for mobile screens, then you are probably ruining your chances of getting more blog traffic. The content of your website must be user-friendly on every device, whether a laptop or a smartphone, for an enhanced experience.

    Utilize social sharing tools

    You can think of social sharing tools as a CTA button for your blog audience. You don’t have to go overboard. Just adding Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram Follow us tabs with your blogs will help you a great deal in attracting more leads and traffic.

    Partner with other blogs

    Team up with other bloggers of your niche to create a win-win situation for both parties. This way you both end up getting each other’s traffic and more backlinks for your blog.

    Write catchy, SEO-friendly headlines

    You must add your main keyword in the blog title to help Google understand what your blog is about. Additionally, using impactful words such as ‘Amazing, Discover, Strong, Killer, Shocking, Incredible, Secret’ etc., in your blog title instantly captivates attention from the audience. You can search for more such words online to include them in your different blog titles, but make sure these words highlight your main keyword.

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