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    Here's a little secret that I tried a few months back (and continue to do it today) and I could NOT believe it actually worked.

    I got into the blah blah blah niche. It looked profitable to me at the time and looked like I could outsource an ebook, a sales page, and make some I did just that....The book failed miserably...MISERABLY...but thats not the point.

    I always liked to get into some lists when I enter into a new niche just to see what the competition (the 3 other people selling grape growing are doing. I signed up and saw the same thing over and over again...I never noticed this before but I after I saw it in the grape growing niche, I started to see it everywhere.

    What I saw was blank thank you pages...just the normal aweber thank you page. So I got this crazy idea to email these people and tell them that I had a way to monetize their thank you page that they weren't using anyway. I honestly thought they'd laugh at me when I gave them my idea...but they didn't. They LOVED IT.

    I contacted these people and told them I would build them a custom thank you page (outsourced...I can't even use PAINT) and inside that thank you page would be my opt in form. I'd put the regular "Thank you for subscribing...check your email...blah blah blah" on it and I'd also put "Special for subscribers only...Get this free report as a bonus...blah blah blah" then my Opt in form.

    I offered to pay the first guy 50 cents for every subscriber. I figured I was paying 5 cents per click anyway and converting about 20% so I was making money on the deal.

    To my surprise, the guy fell in love with it. I had his thank you page up within 4 hours and I was converting about 70% of his traffic. The traffic wasn't much...but...I was only paying for opt ins...nothing else.

    Because he jumped on it so quickly and loved the idea, I decided to offer the next guy 25 cents. He loved the idea too. I ended up getting the first guy for 50 cents...the second for 25 cents....and one for 5 CENTS...and one guy said no.

    I managed to build a list of about 2100 subscribers (not exact...but over 2000 and under 2200) in just under 2 weeks.

    I tried this in the Biz Op worked. Tried it in the mortgage worked. The prices vary but find the right guy and you can get some serious opt ins for a very good price.

    Remember, you are only paying for subscribers not clicks or hits...just those who opt in.

    Spin it your own way and run with it.
    Here's another twist on this. It would be more effective if they are not already collecting opt ins. If you are using Aweber the lightbox code is easy to implement -- see if the publisher will put your special offer on their site using the lightbox feature. You should get 3-5x the amount of opt ins with that tactic which means 3-5x the revenue for them too.

    Good luck all!
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    did not occur to me.. but this seems to work.. thanks.. I will try it..

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