Top Tips to Boost Your Business' Bottom Line

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    Ask any small business owner to come up with ideas on how to market their business and they will say adverts, brochures, leaflets, direct mail etc. Whilst all these are great ways of promoting your business they all cost money! What if I could show you a better and more effective way of marketing your business? In this article I am going to share with you some key strategies to get more business and ultimately increase your profits.

    The biggest mistake businesses make is to focus all their marketing effort and budget on getting new customers. Research has shown that it costs up to 6 times more to get a new customer than to retain or sell to an existing one. And this is the key. Concentrate on selling more to your existing clients. Simple! Squeezing more profit out of your customer base is a cost-effective way of increasing your bottom line.

    1.Change the rules. In today's marketplace, Sigmon says, you'll need to generate more sales while at the same time reducing expenses, especially administrative fat. To grow sales without adding costs, try cross-selling -- offer new services or goods that complement your current offerings, such as a chiropractor selling vitamins. To cut costs, see what processes you can automate or outsource.

    2.Stay visible and connected. Whether it's getting the most up-to-date certifications or taking your brand online with a social-media campaign, face competitors head-on. Extend your visibility and keep costs down by partnering with complementary businesses for more

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