Top 5 open source Content Management Systems

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    This are the top 5 open source CMS according to me

    1st WordPress

    This the most popular and most used Open source Content Management Systems software that is available on Internet . While starting this software was launched as blogging software .This was sucesser of the b2\cafelog
    Wordpress constantly updates its software ...first it was launched as till date it is 2.8.4 version
    Another feature which wordpress has is Multi-blogging ..with the help of WordPress Multi-User (WordPress MU, a.k.a. WPMU) ..with help of WPMU user can have his own bloggins service like
    or with help BuddyPress you can start your own social network website

    2nd Joomla!

    Joomla is a one of most advanced Content Management Systems. it has best functionality. One most important ting makes joomla a great cms is it extensions (plugines ). Joomla is some what similar to that of Drupal . Another thing which attract is it administration interface with drop-down menus and other features.
    presently Joomla has more 3200 extension (plugine ) .

    3rd Drupal

    Drupal is another great Content Management Systems which has large active community.Drupal can be said pure CMS . Another feature which make Drupal attract is that it comes with many optional modules which can easily add features like forums, blogs, OpenID, profiles etc and it has excellent support for plugins and other general questions

    4th DotNetNuke

    This another great open source Content Management Systems . the special feature of this that it not written in php platform but written platform.
    and this software cannot used on Linux servers .It can be only used in window servers were as php platform script can be used on window server also
    this software being open source is not very popular as this cannot be used on linux server .Even this has tones good feature e-commerce systems, photo galleries, blogs, forums, wiki and mailing list options.
    another feature make it great is that if you have basic knowledge of html and then you your self cant create its templates


    This is one the most favorite open source Content Management Systems of mine .this is consider to be Most Promising Open Source CMS . This software was recently launched in Feb 2007 .
    this behave much like Wordpress and much easy to use this unique because it usea it own PHP framework Saphire . aAnother great feature it has it that you your self can create template and it very easy also and has its own templating language to help with the design process. and admin panel include WYSIWYG website editor. Another feature it has .Search engine friendly URLs, meta-data management, and automatic XML sitemap generation .In coming future we look at it as great Content Management Systems .

    In August 2009 the software had been downloaded 200,000 times since first released

    there are several other open source Content Management Systems such as

    in this list few great open source Content Management Systems are

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