Top 10 Ways to Build Your Trust and Small Business

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    You wouldn’t buy a car if you didn’t think it could get you home. And you wouldn’t purchase it from a dealer you thought was robbing you blind on the price and might not stand behind it if the engine fell out as you drove it off the lot.

    Before making a purchase from you, buyers need to trust that your products and services will do what they are supposed to. Does your marketing strategy help establish the trust necessary to convince prospects to buy from you? If you’re struggling to attract clients and customers, use the following tactics to convert prospects to clients.
    Is your marketing strategy helping you earn as much as you’d like? Does your marketing plan help you generate hundreds of prospects a week and help you convert them to paying clients?

    Top 1. Get Testimonials
    No matter how great your credentials are or how much experience you’ve had, people pay more attention to what others have to say about you.
    Pick up the phone and call your customers to ask what they thought of your product or service, what they liked about it and how it was helpful. Edit their comments, get their permission to use the comments and then feature these testimonials in your business marketing materials.

    Top 2. Use Articles Instead of Ads
    We have come to distrust ads and to believe what we read in published articles. Invest your time in writing articles to establish yourself as an expert. If you run ads, include testimonials in them.

    Top 3. Give Something Away
    When you give something to people, regardless of the cost, they are more likely to trust you and return the favor by buying something from you. Use an ebook, article, workshop or free demonstration to build trust.

    Top 4. Get Referrals
    When you need a new doctor, lawyer, plumber, carpenter or a place to eat you ask a friend for a referral. You trust the recommendations of people you know, and in fact, that’s how the majority of people find jobs. Don’t wait for the occasional referral to come in spontaneously; implement a proactive system to generate referrals.

    Top 5. Exchange Endorsements
    Team up with a business you trust that also targets your market. Get them to include an endorsement of your products and services in their marketing and do the same for them. While a personal referral is ideal, an endorsement is a close second. This tactic can double your marketing reach at zero cost.

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