TOP 10 ANTI-SCAM Unique Skill For Online Shopping

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    With the rapid development of e-commerce, the network scam become more and more rampant. According to the report of U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) , phishing caused losses from 265 million dollars in 2008 rose to 560 million dollars in 2009. Since 2004, we have been engaged in e-commerce 7 years, have done struggle with a variety of scams, accumulated rich experience in scam prevention. For the healthy development of e-commerce, to maintain the credibility of honest merchant, we conclude the following 10 unique anti-scam skill, let scams nowhere to hide.

    1. Check Domain register information
    As we all know, great company always exsit a long time, an old website is more secure than new. How can you tell a website is new or old? including register time, register name and business address. A scam will provide incomplete or flase information, and always replace identity, so the site they register must be not long. Therefore, the longer the site was registered with more detailed register information, the higher credibility the site has.

    2. Check whether they have business in authoritative third-party trading platform
    In general, a good merchant will use authoritative third party trading platform selling products, in order to improve their market share, at the same this is a symbol of strength. Common third-party trading platform have Alibaba, eBay, Amazons, etc... These third-party trading platform are transparent and fair. In particular, the credibility of their evaluation system is perfect. You can obtain more objective information from them. For example, you can search business name alibaba from google, and you can confirm whether this site registered and sold in alibaba.

    3. Check whether they pass the third-party network security certification
    McAfee McAfeeand Versign Versign are the world's most authoritative network security certification. Fortune 500 companies usually pass their certification. Their certification have strictly business identity confirm system. And frequently doing site scanner, to ensure securityof the site free of trojan horses, viruses, spyware and other threats. If a site does not have such certification logo, please do not purchase products from them. (Note: Many sites, just hang a symbol, and they have not been authenticated, you should be especially careful about these sites.)

    4. Check whether exist price trap
    Online shopping scam usually because believe "sth falls into one's lap" , when meet a product incredible far below market price, they will produce the impulse to buy. At this moment, remember to be calm, high price doesn't necessarily lead to a high-quality product, as the same low price doesn’t means the high-quality too. Probably the product is defective, imitate, repair products, parallel imports, or they will not delivery. Of course, sometimes an honest merchant may Clearance, discounts, payment coupons, please check the site by other methods.

    5. Check whether they support Paypal payment
    Paypal is a payment that tend to protect buyer in trading. If a customer does not receive goods or received goods does not match with the description, he can initiate a dispute within 45 days and get full refund without any excuses. Moreover, the frequent complaints by customers, or merchant who selling a large number of fake and shoddy products, his paypal account will frozen soon. Therefore, compare with those who only accept Western Union , T / T's website, choose to support Paypal payment is more secure.

    6. Check whether they support Business Bank Account payment
    An excellent online shopping site, must be registered by the entity company. They have the local government legal business license, and they will have a business bank account. Otherwise, it is personal business. When you do a large wholesale business which involving in large order, please pay to the company bank account, in order to get better protection of the law.

    7. Check whether they have customer interaction platform
    Customer comments, views and experience of using the product is directly affect the next customer purchase product or not. An honest business, will allow customers to write product reviews, forum, blog, and third-party social networks (facebook, twitter, youtube) to express their views and opinions. But as a cheater, it would not provide the platform for you.Otherwise, how could he scam the other customers?

    8. Check whether the site professional
    Details determine success or failure, a professional B2C sites must be pay much attention to details, of course this need a lot of energy. The site will provide PointsPoints, CouponsCoupons, Affiliate marketing Affiliate Programe, Track Order ,Help Before Ordering , Help After Ordering , New Arrivals RSS新产品订阅 and many other services, the site also provide detailed Company Info and a clear Return Policy. Scam will not waste time on these details.

    9. Check whether they support face to face transactions
    You can also entrust local friends or business partners, home delivery. If it doesn't support the transaction in person or not provide detailed address, it is certainly a cheater no doubt. When you want to make large wholesale business, be sure to use this way to avoid being cheated.

    10. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth
    If all of above are not sufficient to judge whether it is a cheater or not, this is the last skill. You can place a small order in order to verify, you will get the result soon. Even if the deception, the loss is not big. In fact, the scams will not ignore your small orders, they will directly refund or ask you to add more.

    In general, Online shopping has brought us convenience and many other advantages, don't stop shopping online. Just don't keen in taking petty advantages and keep in mind the 10 anti-scam unique skill, cheaters would have no chance to scam you, enjoy your shopping time!

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