Tips To Improve Your Personal Concentration

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    May 8, 2010
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    Being able to easily concentrate is essential in everyday life. You need to concentrate in school, at work, on the road, and even in sports. Concentration stems from the mind, obviously, but also from surroundings. In order to fully concentrate, your surroundings need to be as close to ideal as possible.

    If you’re on a desktop right now, think about your workspace. Right now, my desk has only a lamp, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and a mug. These are all things I need to carry out my online work. I put away things like cell phones and iPods. It is important to only keep what is necessary around you. Anything else will be distracting and will take away from your concentration. Clutter is a big no-no. Clean your desk, office or room.

    Like many others, I am very distracted by noises. It is important to keep things quiet. I find it hard to concentrate with voices or noises, so I always turn off the TV, radio and iTunes on my computer. If you have kids or pets, try and find a room away from them so you can concentrate.

    Many people find peaceful music to be soothing and studies have shown that this does help with concentration. I haven’t tried this, but your best bet would be to go to a music store and ask an employee what their recommendations are. You can also find recommendations online.

    There are many variations of what keeps others concentrated. The necessities are to keep things organized, keep things quiet and to remove all distractions. If that still doesn’t help, try some new things out like music, seclusion, or maybe even a trip to the beach. Concentration is one of the many keys to success, so make sure you do your best to concentrate.

    If you have any helpful tips, share them here. :)
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    I don't like music when I'm working. I listen at a very low level to white noise or relaxation music to block out distractions when the house is very busy. I like the Absolute Sleep Music Radio station at It has a lot of nature sounds like rainfall.

    Other days I put my headphones on and don't have any music. It's a ploy to just stop them asking me things! :D
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    pressures, urgency, fears, anger and other distractions carry us away from our
    center, a deadly non-peace takes over. When nothing is working and that just
    doesn’t seem OK, we lose the ability to concentrate. We are out of the flow,
    hopes sag and we thrash about unproductively. In better moments, we can focus,
    do what needs to be done, move ahead, be in the present, and experience the joy
    of living. It is worth reflecting on how you have experienced concentration. Maybe make two
    lists. On one list write when in your life have you experienced being focused
    and in the flow? You might have found that level of concentration in moments
    when you were totally engaged in life. Afterwards you might have wondered where
    the time went. You might have had the experience of losing yourself in the
    activity, yet remaining present with your awareness heightened and your actions
    seeming congruent and flowing.

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