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    I am in a mood to write something so I decide to write for newbies if you found something wrong than kindly forgive me.

    So... if you are just focusing on making money over the night tan i am sorry this thread is not for you and for all other people Let's start BLOGGING.

    For me the most exciting part of the internet is blogging it is actually a beauty of the internet where you can convey your complete thoughts to the audience which want you to listen and this is just awesome.
    Let's assume that you have purchased hosting, domain and you have installed a blog script on it and you know that on which topic you are going to write about, but one thing you need to keep in mind that don't select a topic of your blog which you think can attract more visitors it will be useless choose something of your interest the topic on which most of the time you use to think.
    Okay so... put the blog on the side and sign up in the relevant forums one or two will work fine make a good reputations on the forum read threads carefully and reply to the threads by giving all the knowledge you have. if you have something in mind just spit it out by posting a thread. This practice will help you in many aspects first, your writing skills will get polish your mind will become broad by reading and you will have the idea how to actually write something effective which people will enjoy.
    When you have you hands set on the forums and your mind is full of ideas read the relevant blogs and observe how people have shared their thoughts on the blogs participate in the blogs and share your best and make your presence visible on some blogs.
    After that write three or four blog posts and save them on a word file and then read them again after three or four days from an editorial prospective you will feel the need of editing. okay so you need? than why are you looking at me edit them :p
    After editing post them and let people know on the forums and blog that you have launched your own blog, don't forget to mention the link of your blog on the forums. You will start getting visits more than you expectations mean while also mention your link in the different question answer communities time to time they also help a lot to manage some visits which can turn into loyal readers.
    Now, you just need to expand your activities and I guess I need to hit the bed :D

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