Three types of Bad Breath

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    Bad Breath is known as an unpleasant odor that comes out from the mouth while breathing. There are there different types of bad breath. Each type has its reasons and thus requires different remedies.

    1. Temporary bad breath:

    It's the type that is commonly caused by dry mouth, poor hygiene, certain types of food and/or smoking. The best treatment for that type is to drink a glass of water to moister the mouth, to chew gum, use breath mints or/and breath spray. The prevention for that type of bad breath include proper cleaning and brushing 2 to 3 times daily or after each meal, regular flossing and a change in food consumption.

    2. Morning breath:

    It's the type which occurs first thing in the morning as individual opens his/her eyes. Causes of that type include the dryness of the mouth during night. Bacteria that cause the foul odor in this type can be treated by brushing the teeth and the tongue to rid of the bacteria then having good breakfast and then using mints or chewing gum.

    3. Chronic bad breath:

    It's often caused by certain medical conditions, medications and/or oral buildup. Unfortunately for many who suffer from chronic bad breath due to an illness or necessary medication, the only plan of action against bad breath is to mask the problem as effectively as possible. The sufferer in this case must visit the dentist regularly for help to solve the problem.

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