Three Things for Good SEO in Article Writing to Earn Money Online

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    Article marketing is becoming more popular every day. This is a tactic that is used by a lot of professionals as it can get you a high page rank quicker and much more effectively get high traffic within a short time period. If you are looking to utilize this strategy, you need to understand that it is not only great content that will get you there, but also implementing a great optimizing strategy that will get you higher in searches. These are the steps to move quickly!

    Utilize keyword tools – Good tools for keywords can help you identify the term or term phrases in a specific niche. These tools can give you a good break down on what exactly your audience is looking for. It is best to use these tools so you can properly optimize your article to key in on those terms or term phrases. Your article can focus on these terms so you can rank higher.

    Meta keywords – Do not feel overwhelmed when this term comes to you at first. A lot of authors felt overwhelmed but it is not that difficult to understand. All this is, is just a short description of your article that can give the search engines spiders the information they need to understand what your article is about. To better utilize this feature, make sure you are plugging in your keywords into the Meta description.

    Density of keywords – Do not overwhelm your article with too many of your keywords. It is something that some authors do and then come to realize that the search engines will deny the article as it has too many keywords. The basic rule of thumb is if you have 1-2% keyword density, you will sit just fine with the search engines.

    Do not jump from subject to subject. Write your articles about one main point you are trying to get across.

    When utilizing SEO, these are things we need to keep in the back of our head when writing.

    As time goes on, you will see tremendous results.

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