Three Great Solutions to Reset Windows Vista Password-Forgot/Lost Vista Password

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    How to reset Windows Vista password if you lost windows vista password? Lots of people will meet this common problem, but it usually perplex people that they don’t know how to do. I am always pleased to help them with useful solutions for Vista password reset. In fact, there are many solutions can be found on the internet, but some of them are complex for a computer new hand. Now I collect three methods which are easy to use to you, these methods may be the most helpful way to recover Windows Vista password that I have tested.

    Solution 1. Prepare a Windows Vista password reset disk and use it to reset lost password.

    Windows XP and further versions also provide another method to recover forgotten Password by using “Reset Disk”. If you created a Password Reset Disk in Past, you can use that disk to reset the password. You could easily create a Windows Vista password reset disk via Vista's control panel with a blank USB flash drive.

    1. Open Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safely -> User Accounts.
    2. Click Create a password reset disk on the left pane.
    3. Click “Next”, follow the forgotten password Wizard to complete creating a Vista password reset disk.


    Start/Restart your computer, on the logon box type in incorrect password, then click the reset password link and there will be wizard. Now you can recover Windows Vista password with the created password reset disk on your PC within seconds. Of course this password reset disk must be created for your current password.

    Solution 2. Use free Vista password recovery tool to recover Vista password.

    There are two popular tools: Ophcrack and Offline NT Password & Registry Editor. The former which is based on rainbow tables will spend you much precious time to download but just can reset passwords less than 14 characters. The latter supports Windows NT/2000/XP, but not AD password recovery.
    Once you forgot Windows 7/vista/xp password, Ophcrack is a good choice to recover lost password. However, many Windows users failed to recover Windows password as its large ISO file which is more than 496MB.
    Download Ophcrack:
    Offline NT Password:
    But the problem is you need operate in Dos environment, which is more suitable for PC expert.


    Solution 3. Use Professional Vista Password Recovery Software to Reset Vista Password

    In addition to many free Windows password recovery tools, several premium programs are also available that will recover Windows passwords.
    Realizing that you've forgotten your Windows password is guaranteed to strike panic in anyone. Luckily, there are several programs and services that can help "hack" into your own Windows PC!

    Let’s take Daossoft Corporation for example who offers a good software names Windows Password Rescuer. As one of the best and popular Windows password recovery tool, we just need 4 steps to reset/remove Windows Vista password. We can especially use Windows Password Rescuer to create a New User with administrator privilege that we can copy the data of our locked computer if we want to reinstall the Operating System.(Note : Don’t use it to hack other’s computer or steal private data that it is illegal.)


    1. Download Windows Password Rescuer and install it to another available computer.
    2. Run it to burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Before this confirm that you have inserted a blank CD/DVD or USB.
    3. BIOS setting: Setup your own computer boot from CD or USB. Press F2 or DELETE when you start/restart your PC to get into the BIOS SETUP list. Use arrow keys to select boot menu, and use +/- key to move the CD/DVD or USB option to the first boot site. Then insert the CD/DVD or USB you have just created. Press F10 to save and exit.
    4. Reset Windows password: Wait for a moment, It will display a friendly operating window, and you can reset whichever password on it.

    Not only Windows Vista, Windows Password Rescuer can also be used to recover domain password on Windows server 2008/2003/2000 and local password for other OS, such as Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.

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