The Worst Mistakes Most Home Business Owners Make .. And How To Avoid Them

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    Do any of these sound familiar?

    You spend valuable time doing work on your home business that could easily be outsourced.

    You work 10 to 12 hour days on your home business just to try and get ahead.

    If any of these relates to you, you have a serious problem you need to address. Everybody says they want the ‘entrepreneur life’, but their actions indicate anything but.

    Your business, and more importantly the growth of your business, is being systematically sabotaged .. you just don’t know it.

    Let me explain.

    Many business owners leave their 40 hours a week j-o-b to follow the dream of working for themselves.

    They put all the office politics, commuting to work, and stress of their j-o-b behind them to live the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. Only problem is, when they start working for themselves, they end up putting in more hours per week than they would have at their j-o-b.

    End up having to wear more than one hat to run the home business.

    End up spending more time on a task that could have been delegated to someone else.

    End up … sabotaging their own home business.

    Does this sound like you? If so, you need to address this problem.

    As your home business grows, there just isn’t enough hours in the day to do all that is needed.

    To complete your to-do list, answer emails, keep customers happy, solve immediate problems that could occur, it’s easy to lose sight on your focus of growing your business.

    It comes down to this, you can either be the business or you can run your business, but when your business expands, you simply can’t do both.

    Assuming that you are all smart readers and business people, let’s talk about how to start running your business instead of being the business.

    First, write down all the tasks or projects that you should not be spending your time on doing. This list should be about work that needs to be outsourced to a third party. This would include:
    • Making sales calls to generate leads
    • Following up with prospects and customers
    • Administration (responding to emails, answering the phone, setting appointments, etc.)
    • Website creation and management
    • Graphic design of sales brochures, promotional materials
    • Etc.

    Next, make a list of tasks or projects your business doesn’t have the experience, expertise or time for. Things on this list should include:
    • Strategic research on the differences between you and your competition
    • Development of a marketing strategy
    • Design and layout of marketing materials
    • Tax preparation and accounting
    • Legal services
    • Etc.

    Lastly, make a list of tasks or projects that only you, and your talents, can do for your business. This would include:

    • Developing your vision and implementing a strategy
    • Management of any employees
    • Etc.

    Success of your business is determined by the role you play in it.

    Wearing multiple hats is perfectly fine if you are content with being the business, but not if you want to grow it.

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