The Ultimate Tutorial for Forum Management and Promotion!

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    How to start:
    First Steep:
    Add your forum URL to as many sites as you can like:
    and and find many more I submit in like 500 for free just serch for them in google
    Second Steep:
    Find users by going exemple I have a forum about warcaft 3 and i go to garena(Warcraft 3 Community where you can play warcraft 3 against other players)and posted some comments in chat like "Join win VIP membership..."That should you do too.Make a contest like best poster of the day or something like that to lure more members they will think they are special if you give them a cool rank icon like Crow or Sword or something like that.
    Third Steep:
    Be active on your forum post as much as you can dont leave any forum with 0 topic and 0 posts that will lead that members dont come back..
    Forth Steep:
    Add something to your forum so that you make it unique I for my forum made a Clan Section where you can get a chatbox,playlista and more free items for your clan like a cool rank icon!
    Fifth Steep:
    Lets say you have an empty forum with you and maybe one other staff member. Now you need to build a membership database so that you forum can start to grow. There are many different ways of doing this. You can do a "fake" way with fake accounts and post/membership exchanges or you can try to do a natural way and get more real members to join up. Either way will help you in the long run.
    Fake Members
    Fake members would be users that you and your staff create. Most people just create fake users and leave them be without any posts. Other create fake users and give them a few posts so that it looks like the user is somewhat or has been active at some point. I think making fake members is an okay method but you need to give them posts or they will look just that, fake. Once you start to get an active membership database going, you can retire from using your fake members. Remember if a regular member befriend a fake member, you may be obligated to keep posting with that fake member to keep that regular member interested in your community, that could be a downfall especially if later down the road, the real member finds out it is a fake member. That is the main downfall with any fake members, real member finding out they are fake and may not being able to trust the community anymore. Keep this in mind if you plan to use the fake member method.
    Sixth Steep:
    Post/Membership Exchange
    Another way to get more users and content/posts at that is having posting and membership exchanges. A post exchange is where an owner of a different forum joins your forum and posts X amount of new topics and/or posts on your community and in return, you join their community and post as much posts as they gave to yours. Post exchange numbers vary but are usually quick and that member usually never returns to your forum unless you request another exchange with them. A membership exchange is the same except it is ongoing or basically you remain and active member on their forum and they remain an active member on your forum. This forum of exchange is the best I have found but can present issues with not having enough time to keep up with the exchange at times. Other exchanges include exchanging links which could help you get more members as well and exchanging registrations which means you join a forum and that forum's owner joins yours, no posts just a registration exchange. This method is not my favorite but any way counts I suppose.
    Steep Seven:
    Forum Posts and Forum Games
    Forum posts are important and show the forum that it is active etc.....
    Also it lures people to join and start posting!
    Now lets talk about forum games there are 2 types i think:
    1)Story type
    2)Count type
    1)Story Type
    Thats where you ask from the members to make up a story or to start one(RPG or so but thats for Game forums then all)
    2)Count Type
    This is where you count numbers/country's or states and so on.Thats the perfect way to get post and make the members more active by offering an prize exemp. I posted a thread to count up to 500 the winner then shell be given a VIP membership witch only 10 members can have until my forum have 200 members then it will be 20 and so on.But i think you got my point witch is that you get more post + active members + satisfaction for the members and yourself!

    How to Protect
    1st Steep:
    Selecting a Moderator
    When you select a moderator make sure that you really need one.I didnt need a moderator for a short while until i reached 40+ members cuz i could handle all at my own.
    To select correct a moderator you need to make some rules that he must follow and how many posts he need to post before he even get the chance to be a moderator(if you have friends that wanna be moderators and help you you dont need them to check :p)In my forum you need 20 posts then you will be put on trial (Trial Moderator or Probe Moderator)with many commands/permissions then a real moderator.
    What would be a Big Mistake
    This is an exemple from my forum!
    I was playing an online game and asked if some1 want to be a mod in my forum about Warcraft 3,a guy sad that he has expirience as a mod and in warcraft 3.I sad ok lets try it go to my forum and post only 1 post cuz i need a mod fast....He registered and I was waiting that he makes a post so he will be a prob mod....I was waiting like an hour and then I asked him why he didnt post anything...He pmed me wit this:
    "Make me moderator you sad so"
    At that moment I was just :mad:....So if you see something like that from a wanna be moderator you just ban his ip and you have protected yourself!
    2nd Steep:
    When I need a moderator?
    Moderators are needed when you have an amount of Active members..The moderators make you easy to concentrate on important things(Contests,Membergrups,Sorting,adding new things etc).
    You will see you will have more work then ever when you need moderators!
    3rd Steep:
    If a moderator want to leave with a trail left behind!
    If a moderator gets angry and want to leave the forum but not peacefully you need to react fast otherwise you may have big loses!
    Exemple my fried had a great forum once a moderator got angry about a rejected suggestion and just so deleted 400 posts and kicked 100 members out of the forum
    [size=36pt]How to Profit[/size]
    Hi all long was it here since i posted a tutorial to help members but i was in the mod of posting a new one :D
    This is about profit and ads.
    There are many advertise companies and with them there is the question which to chose?
    Well my most recommended is google adsense.
    Why adsense ?
    Its google its a huge thing on the internet and yes you probably heard some rumors like its not good its i dont know what...Well i cant tell you its bad since i tryed it and in the beguine i got nothing out of it but as my forum grew i got more money from it then i get from other services(writing and posting) .
    Its simple easy to install/copy past :p .
    You can use any email to register. is the link.
    The other advertiser I know is BidVertiser.
    It is involved with a lot of sites who help other people and it is another good way of getting some money :D

    In-Text Ads what should i look for and how to use them.
    This is another way of advertising but a bit....strange.... Why ?
    Well the text ads are putted in the text so example you in your forum have a child board it saz
    Child Board : Something, Something again
    Blue its the normal color of your forum letters.
    When you add In-Text adds:
    Child Board : Something, Something again
    It can be green or any other color you chose.
    When you go over with your mouse a info box popes out and if a guest clicks on it you earn a small amount of money.
    Infolinks is a good In text advertising service!
    Infolinks, Inc. is a leading provider of In-Text Advertising services, working with online content publishers worldwide.

    Infolinks enables website owners and publishers to benefit from premium In-Text ads without any risk while earning the highest revenue share - guaranteed.

    Established in 2007, Infolinks already leads the industry with the most attractive business model and guarantees the highest revenue sharing basis to all partners.

    Since our incorporation, more and more websites have been integrating Infolinks In-Text ads into their content and we take pride in making the process effortless, easy and immediately profitable.
    Sort info:
    Ok so if that is to long to read for ya i have a short info on what to do to get some money.
    2nd-You put the code in your forum
    3rd-Wait 2 days
    4th-You will get an e-mail from Infolinks witch will tell you if your forum is approved to have in-text links(colored text see in my forum
    5th-Go to Infolinks and set up your account(how much words,witch color and how you want them to pay you)
    6th-Just wait for visitors to click on that link so you will get payed :cool:

    This should know all of you "Donations".They help your forum to grow.
    For that you just need a paypal account,and copy/past the html code from paypal and you have set up the donations.
    I hope it helped you I will update this every time i find something or if you know some good way's of making money pleas post them here!
    For donations you have to aim for a goal like 30$ for pro hosting or such.
    Then make special rank(VIP or Donator) for the donators and special boards or some great things that they only can aces.
    [size=36pt]Admin and Moderator & The Rules[/size] how to act like one.
    As first i will warn you about spam and advertising members.
    Spammers will try to bring you out of your happy mod as admin but just ignore them and just give them some warnings and then a ban if they wont stop or do it again.
    Advertisers there is just one word BAN. They wont come back to post again or to see whats new they are moving from forum to forum advertising some other site like nomads :D .
    They are equally damage to your forum so you have to try to remove them fast.
    Well lets get to the point on how you react on nerving members.
    Dont just ban it if he asks for admin tell him"Prove yourself by posting at least x post per day and you get an staff position if i see you have what it takes" which he probably wont have but if he manages to post a lot of posts per day and earns it than its a success for you..if you banned him he would have no use for you or the forum now would he?
    Now to the Rules.
    The rules of the forum are all similar mostly there are No advertising, no pornographic pic,video or anything else, no spamming,flameing,double posting or stealing.
    You have to add a bit more rules for example my forum rules are :
    You always have to be concerned what is allowed and in which amount... No rules are perfect but you can always try to get them to be great for the staff and members :D

    I hope this helped you in your way to internet glory :D

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