The secret to discipline part 2, It changed my life

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    I have watched TV my whole life. When I was younger I used to watch cartoons, and as I grew older I watched MTV and TV shows. More recently, I was watching things on youtube and Netflix. I loved the episodes of ‘friends’ and ‘breaking bad’, those shows were amazing to me. A common routine in my life included watching TV every day for about 2-3 hours. Because of it, I was less productive throughout the day and never grew as a person. So I decided to start an experiment, to eliminate any form of entertainment for at least 30 days, so that it would become a habit.

    Eliminating entertainment makes everything much more interesting. Let me give you an example and stay with me on this. Do you remember when you had a huge exam the next day? Do you remember when you dreaded opening your text book but you really wanted a good grade? You may recall the fact that everything else became more fun when you had to study right? I mean everything. When I had to study, drawing somehow became the new fun activity. I did mundane things like playing random games on the computer that seemed so fun compared to having to read.

    When you hate studying and everything else becomes so much more enjoyable, won’t it work the other way around? If you eliminate something very fun, won’t everything else in your life become more satisfying? My answer is absolutely without a doubt.
    I successfully eliminated TV, Netflix, and YouTube. Actually, I had an exception that I could go on YouTube only if it was in regards to learning something or growing as a person. So what was the result? Well, I had to find other activities to enjoy more. Now, after eliminating these things, I enjoy working more and on improving myself. More importantly, I don’t waste hours on the TV and instead focus on what is productive. You may not notice it, but spending hours watching TV not only makes you dumber, but lessens the quality of your life in every aspect.

    It has been 34 days since I have given up all these forms of entertainment. I can’t tell you how much this has changed me. I now get way more things done. I don’t feel depressed after I watch 3 hours of TV anymore. I enjoy the time with my family. I enjoy productive things much more then I otherwise would.
    So are you going to give up TV? If you want a better life, you should. Just try it for 30 days, and prove me wrong if you want to attempt it. I will guarantee you a few results. First, you will have a better quality of life. Second, you won’t desire watching TV as much as the new things you have incorporated in your life. Now, you may slip up a few times but stick with it. You will start to feel sorry for those wasting their time watching TV and never imagine going back to that life again. Go ahead, give it a try.

    One thing I am certain of is that discipline is one of the secrets to true happiness and fulfillment. So the opposite of that, hedonism or giving into pleasure, will have the adverse effect. Don’t get me wrong, it is ok to do pleasurable things sometimes, but you have to learn to control it. Tony Robbins all the time says that discipline is freedom but what does that mean? Well, when you give into instant gratification all the time, doesn’t it become increasingly hard to refrain the next time? When don’t do something, you know you are in control rather the desire you have for a certain activity.
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    I totally agree with you on this.

    I like this "discipline is one of the secrets to true happiness and fulfillment."

    I think everyone could benefit from self discipline.

    About 4 years ago I decided I wasn't happy with how my life was going so I decided to study self improvement books and products. One of the things suggested was to stop watching television. So this is what I did. At the time I was writing lot's of music and producing songs with my PC software. The result was the quality of my songs and production really improved and I felt a lot better in my life. It's a great feeling being able to listen back to you work. It was fulfilling.

    These days I have redirected my efforts into my Business but I have maintained my no TV policy. I get a lot more work done. :)

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