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    Not just sitting around, looking at a place far away is an idea. It is not always possible to take the ideas of others into your ideas forever. It doesn't have to be handsome, the potatoes will be big. Learn immediately the methods of finding ideas below to discover your own creativity

    1. Expand or shrink

    I don't know how to describe these things in theory so of course I will give you a few specific examples for you to draw your own concepts. Want to buy goods after 12pm, where do you think the first place is? Simply visit 24-hour convenience stores such as Circle K, Family mart, Mini Stop or Shop & Go ... So is this a business idea based on the expansion of sales time to 24 / 24 instead of the limit as before.

    2. Combination method

    This method works very well, but you have noticed that it is a coffee shop but they have many different names. Which is coffee watching football, coffee book, pet coffee, coffee watching movies, coffee hammock, coffee dim light (come here to do it ???) ... Bulky, portable suitcases? No one is free to do so in this day and age. Attached to it for a scissors arm and 4 wheels is possible.

    3. Removal method

    How to surf the web with smart phone without charge?
    Then use wifi but ask something. Wifi is the perfect replacement for the jagged cables.

    4. Alternative method

    Replace a part of the product or service with another part to serve faster and more efficiently
    Do you have a washing machine? (Go to green phone)
    Probably anyone who uses washing machine knows Omo has a special type of washing water for washing machine so that users do not have to dissolve the detergent into water. This is the perfect replacement at least until now.

    5. Apply in another way

    According to you, what effect does a condom have?
    I also think like you but it doesn't just work. If you change shape, you can use it with other interesting functions such as: medical rubber gloves, hair bands, balloons or table legs to prevent slippery ..

    6. Delay

    Travel abroad or from rural to urban to seek ideas. No money to go. It doesn't make me look good either. Most good business ideas will be available in big countries, then they will spread everywhere. So to bring those ideas to where you live and make money from it, then take it for yourself to spend a little money traveling.
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    You are right, but ideas depends on condition and your goals. If your goal is fix then to fulfill your dreams idea will be different.
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    Yes, you are absolutely right. Thanks for share such knowledge.

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