The Power of Body Language

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    Research shows that over half of human communication takes place on the nonverbal level through body language. If you are enthusiastic and sincere, you will unconsciously translate that in your body language and people will tend to believe your message because they usually trust what they see more than what they hear.

    In a presentation situation body language is so powerful because it can confirms and supports your words and graphics. Moreover it communicates your feelings and attitudes. Your audience usually mirrors your emotions and feelings. If you appear relaxed, feel confident and smiling, they will relax, feel confidence in you and usually smile back at you. If you appear nervous or frown, they will feel bored and frown back at you.

    Besides above body language makes more things:

    1. It makes messages more meaningful and memorable

    People naturally focus on things that move and feel bored quickly with those that don’t move. People remember more of what they see than of what they hear.

    2. It punctuates your presentation:

    Gestures, body movements and facial expressions do to speech what periods, commas and exclamations marks do to written language.

    3. It relieves nervous tension:

    Public speaking activates the adrenal gland creating extra energy which may appear in nervous mannerisms. Gestures and body movements control this energy and make it work for you.

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