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    The manufacturer is trying their best to cut the cost of manufacturing 200mW Laser Pointer. Each small dot pixel laser beam on the organization is a minor trauma, such micro-trauma is sufficient to start the regeneration of tissue repair, resulting in skin that is a perfect skin. Pixel laser skin each role to which only small areas of thermal shock, to retain part of the skin is not affected, its role to the skin to remove the stain, while stimulating the proliferation of collagen, but no effect on the skin can as the thermal diffusion region, the pixel laser treatment to achieve security principles, to avoid possible heat damage and other side effects, and can promote faster healing of skin. Pixel laser treatment quickly, and only a slight sense of fitness and well tolerated. With micro-RF thin, carbon-ion technology explosion of combination therapy, the effect will be more significant. The promotion activity of 100mW laser pointer has achieved a good effect.
    A new skin for the concept of the traditional pixel laser into the laser mode as the beam mode (micro mode). It's like a micro-beam model can reduce the thermal reaction of the skin, making treatment process more comfortable. And micro-porous surface to achieve the exfoliation effect, these micro-effects and the effects of thermal stimulation can be effective for skin pigment decomposition, and repeat as many times the beam pattern will enhance the fight against heat stimulation of dermal collagen, and promote the growth of collagen can make the skin more delicate after the repair, white, Q + Pixel Q burst effect and low-energy thermal stimulation effect, strengthening the role of pigment-producing resistance, making treatment more lasting effect, better, freckle experience even better. Pixel Laser for skin problems mainly include: melasma, pigmentation, color bad, bad skin, large pores, fine wrinkles, superficial scars, superficial pock treatment. The price-off sale ofgreen laster pointeris only available in this month.
    As follows: large pores, rough skin. Eliminate fine wrinkles, tighten skin, increase skin elasticity. Improve stretch marks. Remove superficial pigmentation, increase skin elasticity and gloss. Whitening. For acne scars grinding. Especially for the face, neck, chest and hands-ray damage repair. Pixel laser skin with a new thermal model. Its biggest advantage is that laser treatment can further reduce the thermal damage response process, reduce the incidence of side effects, enhance the safety of laser treatment, the treatment process is almost no pain, patients without significant adverse reactions (such as redness, peeling etc.), at present, no treatment-colored sink after report. In addition, laser-like beam With over 10,000 treatment programs, according to the United States who develop skin problems, personalized skin program, a course of treatment can make the rejuvenation and whitening synchronization is complete. The price-off ofgreen laster pointerhelp the company win more customers and increase the turnover.
    The traditional 10mW blue violet laser pointer emission of each pulse, and the role of the skin area and the laser spot of the same size. A new generation of pixel laser, laser emission has changed the traditional model, each laser pulse is nearly a hundred micro-laser pulses, each of micro laser spot area of only 75-100UM. Does not cause pain. Avoid the side effects caused by invasive laser. Can not only remove the stain, can also stimulate the proliferation of collagen. Adaptability: a new treatment of head, more suitable for treatment of Asian skin problems, skin rejuvenation effect is more prominent. High security: The new photon source, the use of new technologies, more stringent control of specific spectral output, rejuvenation effects more secure. Good intelligence: the new smart choice, the output frequency accuracy, tender skin to better effect. In the cold gel spread on the area to be treated; 2, wash the treatment area on the remaining cold gel, apply cold ice; for treatment, treatment with rubber band flick feel to the face; wear goggles to prevent eye by direct light may cause damage; clean the skin, cleansing cream, to prevent the interference of some cosmetic ingredients and effects; preoperative physical examination to confirm physical health status, communicate with the doctor, and take pictures archive. The main marketing channel of green laster pointer of this company is supplying10mW blue violet laser pointerto the agent.
    Pixel laser is a new concept of medical photon skin, compared with conventional laser, the laser changes the pixels of light emission mode, each issued to the role of the laser pulse points, by hundreds of micro-laser pulses Each micro-laser spot size of only tens of square nanometers. Simply put, that is, before a laser on the skin of a point, had to have been very small, but then this pixel laser is more subtle point is divided into hundreds of micro-laser pulse. This treatment of the skin, maintaining more accurate, more uniform irradiation, the effect is also more pronounced and stable. Pixel laser skin rejuvenation, is a broad scope of photonic technology is based on the principle of traditional photon out of the upgrade of technology, but the strict sense of the technical level, and general beauty of the IPL is very different. The turnover ofgreen laster pointerin this month doubled.

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