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    Much of our success in life comes from our ability to communicate effectively and to say the right thing at the right time. This book helps with that, in the most practical way possible. It's written by Patrick Alain who at the age of 30 has already had a very successful career in the video games industry with credits to titles such as Grand Theft Auto 3 to his name.

    "The Leader Phrase Book" contains over 3,000 powerful phrases that can be used in any number of real world situations. The categories in the book include;

    General Conversation
    At work
    Conflicts and Anger

    My favourite section was probably "Conflicts and Anger", as with all the other categories the phrases in this category would be extremely useful for anyone experiencing that situation. I've worked through some high tension situations in previous employment and I wish I'd read this book before then.

    The author was kind enough to post me a review copy and having read it, I'd highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their work, professional or business communications. I'd especially recommend it to anyone just starting out on their work or business career.

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