The intelligent network camera is the main form of front-end smart

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    The intelligent network camera is the main form of front-end smart
    Front-end intelligence is one of the main application form of intelligent video analysis technology.Because of the hardware structure and some other inherent factors of network cameras and analog cameras,the implementation model of the smart is completely different.We know that a smart cameras must be composed of five parts including the cameras image acquisition link, the A / D and image pre-processing link,the intelligent analysis and calculation link,the encoded compressed link and the network transmission link.Network camera itself has the modules of image acquisition and processing, coding compression, and network transmission.It can be composed of intelligent network cameras just by the means of add an intelligent analysis module.After analysed and processed by intelligent network camera,images can be transmitted to the management center according to the need.Even some less demanding professional application, and CPU performance strong network camera just directly poured into the intelligent analysis software can achieve some intelligent application.
    While the analog cameras is not like this.Its structure is generally only image acquisition and processing link,while image coding compression is accomplish by DVR or other external coding devices.It costs more to insert intelligent chip directly in such a structure for the realization of intelligent application.So the analog camera's front end intelligence is mostly realized by the way of external intelligence box.That is,the intelligent analysis box chargs for the intelligence analysis of image supplied by the camera. And then sends the results to the encoding device ( such as DVR ).Again,transmitted to the management center by the coding device.That is to say, it is different from the integration network intelligent camera, analog camera's intelligent must pass through multiple independent equipment operation to be completed.
    Although through the external intelligence box to realize intelligent application is more common at present.But as the split type intelligent solutions of front end intelligence,on one hand,the device are so many,in the construction and maintenance,the works is complicated and costs much;on the other hand,many equipment interworking and operation will be unstable and so on.In contrast,Based on the DSP chip integrated intelligent network camera, regardless of the cost or system security and reliability, and has obvious advantage of extended performance.
    In addition, there are more important point, intelligent implementation premise is a high quality image, more perfect, more abundant intelligence requires more clear image, we also mentioned, intelligence is applied to the real popularity must first universal HD monitor.While the analog camera if you want to achieve HD,you should not do compression on the video source before transimission.Although transmission mode have both simulation of component YPbPr transmission and a digital DVI, HDMI or HD-SDI transmission,but no matter which kind of, the transmission means needed for cable and other costs are very high.It is impossible to truly realize universal application.Network camera high-definition is based on efficient compression and network means of transmission.The transmission cable is a cable.It is exactly the same with IP transmission of SD times and will not increase the cost of development.The effective control of cost is surely a very important factor to application popularization.Thus, in the field of network HD, HD camcorder is necessarily mainstream.And, along with the network and high-definition technology continues to mature, network HD Camcorder market scale has been expanding rapidly.Type and performance has almost can be associated with the development of old analog camera comparable.Accordingly, the more developed of the network camera,the more prevalent the integrated intelligent front-end application will be.And intelligent video analysis box will slowly fade out of the market.

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