The Fraud SEO strategies one should avoid

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    The article is based on a theme to let the people know about the fraud services that major SEO companies offer to their clients to build their web site marketing plan so good to make it more visible on the internet.

    There are an outnumbered SEO companies or even more than that of expectations who offer SEO services that are completely useless or even in some cases more harmful for a web site just by saying; they know the SEO strategies very well. The main point of this discussion is to get you away from those fraud services that they offer.

    The most important thing that a website owner should know is to not ask SEO Company for onsite optimization services. Well website optimization depends upon the on page optimization techniques and tips by following the rules and regulations set by the search engines to structure a website. The most beneficial thing is that the owner should have the appropriate and relevant knowledge about the website design and development otherwise your designer and developer may perform it (On Page Optimization) while developing the website. I have observed that not each and every web developer can be a good marketing expert. Basically the on page optimization consists of a number of important factors that one should consider and thus are going to discuss below.

    1. The title of the site should be more attractive than that of your site and can be the main keyword that a web site has.
    2. Use the best Meta tags and description for your website.
    3. The website should have a user friendly and impressive design that let the people to think of having the same design.
    4. The website should have the relevant and keyword enriched content; having the density of the keywords not more than 3% or 4%. More will be considered as keyword stuffing.
    5. Do not include flash, Java scripts and hidden contents on your website.
    6. Avoid any kind of copyright violation by content duplication from any other site.

    Thus your main and most important on page optimization has done yet. Your keyword enriched content will give your keywords higher rankings on all major search engines and will help your off page optimization work to give maximum outcomes. As per saying of SEO experts that if your on page optimization is not done properly your off page optimization would not work so well as compare to your hard work done on design and development. So by applying such techniques your on page optimization is done and you do not have to spend your money and time by asking any company to do just on site optimization for your web site.

    There are some SEO companies that offer Search Engine Submission services for web sites which are completely fraud. I know that there are search engines that require web site submission but they are not much important. It is believed that the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and MSN hold more than 99 % of the internet surfers who came across their boards to handle their quarries and there is no need to submit the sites on these search engines. Their spiders crawl a website their selves and index instantly the up dated pages.

    So it is useless and pointless to spend money and time on such SEO strategies. Your web site needs a number of back links to gain some priority over other web sites in terms of having good page rankings as well as keyword rankings. As well as your content and your link building strategies are concerned they would let you to have a good number of back links that will give your web site high rankings over other websites and thus the search engines will refer people to your web site.

    There are a number of SEO companies that offers such services to submit your web sites using auto submitter softwares which is entirely harmful for your web site’s rankings. Your website would not have a great chance to be submitted on all sites if not submitted manually because not all websites do not approve each and every posting that requested for inclusion. Do not hire such companies and waste your precious time and money to handle your web site in such manners. Only chose the natural way of link submission and that is to submit your site manually on the other web sites.

    Now let us have a talk about the companies who offer promotions like Guaranteed Top Listings within 7 or 10 Days. The promotion is completely fraud for your primary keywords and they might be usually highly competitive keywords. You can say that if your keywords have less compaction like within a hundred thousand queries then it can be done on top within 10 days but not for all keywords. There are several reasons why they are offering such promotions. There may be a possibility that they could find such keywords that are on the first page and you do not know about them as they may be a part of your content and hence got top positions. It is believed that having top positions for high competitive keywords is not a job that can be done in days it’s a job of months and years. So avoid throwing your money in the garbage and to waste your time in hiring the SEO companies who offer such fraud and useless SEO services.

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