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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by mv5869, Apr 22, 2010.

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    Probably not the best place to ask this, but as you are such an experienced lot and a jolly nice bunch of people I thought someone could help with my question.

    My situation is that I currently run several small websites, inc some that are Wordpress blogs. They are all targeted at the UK, and they are domains. However the hosting is in the US because I got a cheap deal a few years ago and never bothered moving them.

    My questions:
    - Will the fact that the sites are hosted in the US affect my rankings in the local country (ie UK) search?
    - In general, has anyone got any knowledge around what affects search position for country search (e.g the domain extension, the IP of the host etc)?
    - Can anyone recommend a reliable, fast and cheap UK host that I can move 10 or so hosted domains to? Just interested in your personal experience. Personally, in the UK I use Easily and find them great – but too expensive as they charge per domain and I have lots.
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    The two factors you mention do in fact affect the search engine listings for a particular country - having your site hosted in the UK and using TLD's will help your rankings for searches made from the UK. Hence if your target market is in the UK, it may be worth paying that little bit extra to get UK based hosting.

    Sorry but not being from the UK myself I can't recommend a host to you.

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