The Art of Successful Living

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    Recently joined a group in Belfast Northern Ireland called the Art of Successful Living.
    Over recent weeks we had a leading Irish businessman John Boyle talk to the group on his life and how he changed from a alcoholic drop out in his 20's to borrow £6,000 from his father around 1983 to buy a small shop near his home town. John has built that one shop to over 200 and was the only business in 2011 to open 40 new outlets. His turnover is now over £1 billion annually.
    John puts his success to the art of living in the now and being able to appreciate the existence of V A K G O:
    VAKGO is an acronym for Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Gustatory and Olfactory. These are just fancy names for seeing, hearing, feeling (emotions and tactile feeling), tasting and smelling. As far as your subconscious mind is concerned, a REAL experience contains all of these five elements (VAKGO).

    Here’s my point. If you are just visualizing (using the visual sense only), it’s unlikely that you will trick your subconscious mind into believing that your mental visualization is an actual experience because you have only given your subconscious mind one fifth of an experience i.e. sight.

    So STOP visualizing and begin experiencing. The next time you relax and begin your mental practice of conscious creation, be sure to include all the FIVE senses in your imagination.

    You see, the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a REAL experience. By imagining an experience using VAKGO, you are tricking the mind into believing that your IMAGINED experience is real. You make your mental experience real by including all the FIVE senses in your imaginatio
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    Apr 20, 2012
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    The art of successful living, for those not in the know is the ability and uncanny way that some people are able to just attract success and opportunity to their doors.

    1: You have to learn new things.

    2: You have to be open to the idea to the fact that you have to change what clothes you wear. Because image is important.

    3: You might have to change the way you speak because intonation, voice character and smoothness are all foundations of how you dazzle people with your speech.

    4: You must resist the idea of retaining even a part of you that is negative, even down to how you write and shattering the effects of emotional inertia.

    5: You have to live your dreams and you must look in the mirror everyday until you cannot recognize the person you are looking at into the mirror.

    This glow is the ambition, the drive and the new energy that has come into your life. That is the art of successful living and you must ask yourself if you have what it takes for this transformation.

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