The almighty MAGIC PILL

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    but the closest thing I have come to one.

    are you ready?.... here it is

    the green smoothie.

    what is it? it is a smoothie made of 50% lettuce and 50% fruit blended in a smoothie that you take everyday.

    why does this help you? this will make you so sharp and mentally focused its crazy. your body is lacking all the ESSENTIAL enzymes and vitamins and phytonutrients that you body needs in your daily diet. so when you have these in your diet, boom instant pimp in life (well you still gotta take action lol)

    honestly chimps are the closest thing to a human with 99% of the same genetic coding. what do they eat? mostly fruit and leaves. so we need to do the same with a green smoothie everyday. now im not saying go vegetarian cuz i love chicken and steak. but just try it out

    your brain will be on par all day its awesome. you will be mentally present, less in your head. i love it!

    here's what i do

    cup of water
    with the lettuces blended together
    you can use kale, red chard, romaine, red lettuce, spinach hell anything, DONT use iceberg that crap is worthless

    lettuces to avoid - mustard, dandelion* this **** is gross.

    so you mix this in like a huge handfull and blend it together, then you add the fruit you want

    fruits - whatever you like

    i use bananas, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, mango, oranges, etc.

    add a small cup of ice and some peanut butter to make it taste good blend and voila your set

    you can add whatever else you like. but it works amazing so i wanted to share this with you

    *********also make sure the ingredients are organic*******

    cheers fellas
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