Tested SEO Strategies for Instant Results

Discussion in 'Articles & Tutorials' started by robwilley7, Jul 4, 2011.

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    I personally believe there is plenty of information and lots of tips that you will get on SEO’s and their uses, and how you can better yourself effectively. It is not, however, a lofty claim but a simple set of rules that you need to follow. It is no rocket science but a little application and some commonsense which can help see you through.

    There can be no substitute for content. Your page is after all, a reflection of information, ideas and opinion. Make sure that you make no compromise on the kind of content you post. People are always looking for material which is readable, informative and useful. The better your information and content, the greater the chance of linking.

    Know your keywords. Do not base your decision on what sounds right to you. What is relevant to you may not be relevant to the rest of the universe. Before you make a decision, take a look at all the options and the results that you can yield. Be as specific as you can. There are plenty of tools on the internet that can help you with the best keywords, so make good use of them.

    Try and get some other sites linked to yours, since this will increase chances of viewership. Your site will also be ranked higher. The key is not to merely link to more sites, but to link to the right sites as well.
    This may seem very basic, but we often tend to overlook the obvious when we think big. Stay focused and the rest is smooth sailing.
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    There seems to be two minds at work here. Your post makes a lot of sense, but your use of the phrase "Instant Results" in the title of the thread bothers me.
    Plenty of people in the SEO marketing field, including some who belong to this forum, will tell you that no legitimate SEO strategy will give you "Instant Results". By providing backlinks to your site for the search engines bots and spiders to find, in a way that looks as natural as possible, you build up trust over a period of time, and as the search engines see you getting backlinks on a regular basis, your site will rise in the search engine rankings. As JCPenney or Overstock.com can tell you, trying to get "Instant Results" can have unforeseen consequences, which will then take time to overcome.
    Other than the use of "Instant Results" in your title, the post itself has some good advice.

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