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    If you're running a business which involves customer acquisition, interaction, and retention, chances are you're using CRM and phone system technologies. For companies to make use of data and analytics, both systems should be integrated and what better way to facilitate the integration than through Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).

    Tenfold is a highly approved and functioning CTI and its current version improves the customer experience, helping companies create and maintain great customer relationships. It has an analytics dashboard that automatically reflects metrics allowing managers to better steer their teams and top-level execs to see how the business is running and make informed business decisions based on the analytics/metrics.

    It also pulls data from all existing technologies a company is using (ERP, CRM, helpdesks, accounting, and other records of data) and shows all important info on a single unified view (the Floating UI but bigger and better). This results in a robust and complete (360-degree) view of the customer’s profile.

    Did you know that a lot of companies lose up to 80% of customer data because of a lack of a system to consistently record and/or time constraints due to reps having the task to manually input data each time? Tenfold automatically captures 100% of customer engagement data (phone, email, text, and chat) so your time and efforts aren't wasted.

    Tenfold works with all major providers so companies don’t need to buy a huge amount of costly software to benefit from our solution. If you don't see your CRM or phone system listed, feel free to contact us and we'll immediately add them to the list.

    To know more, you can visit our site for a free live demo.
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