Success Lies In Doing

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    Success lies in DOING!

    Just ONE idea, ONE plan, ONE business is all you need to start building your profits.

    No one knows better than you what your desires are, what you like to do, what preparation, education and experience you have had.

    Every single report, booklet or course I write about makes it possible for the average person to find at least one thing that he/she can do and do well!

    Whatever your motives are for seeking an independent business of your own, always remember you must be willing to pay a price for it — hard work!

    If the money-making idea is foremost in your mind, never let it lead you astray from the fact that it can only be achieved by your willingness to put your all into the particular business you have in mind.

    This means that you MUST focus on that business and nothing else. Not giving it your all is like giving it nothing at all.

    You should have the desire to achieve. When achievement comes before money, money automatically runs hand in hand with achievement!

    The goal to success becomes clouded when you look at achievement in dollars and cents.

    This will eventually lead to failure before you even begin because money and not well-planned action is foremost in your mind.

    I know that many of you are scared.

    I’ve been there.

    There will be some of you reading this who will be quite unwilling to risk part of your savings to invest into a business.

    Let me explain two things to you:

    1. People fail day in and day out , month in month out, year in year out whether they go into business or not. The causes are many. Illness, unemployment, unwise spending, etc.

    2. The successful people you look at, probably are envious of, wish you could be like, weren’t afraid to take a chance.

    Also, I hear people, from time to time, make the excuse that they have no money and want a business that requires no start up costs.


    No matter how small a venture may be, it takes some capital to start. Whether it be a large sum or a “shoestring” amount.

    Lack of money, should not be an excuse.

    Money can be borrowed now a days quite easily. And if you can’t borrow from a financial institution, borrow from family and friends.

    Point is, if you’re afraid to invest in your future, you’ll remain in the current state that you’re in.

    Practically no where.

    Lastly, no book, report, whatever is an open door to success in money-making.

    If you TRULY believe that, you’re just kidding yourself.

    Rather, those materials are just showing you the path to take. Giving you a little “shove” in the RIGHT DIRECTION so to speak.

    And that’s about all most of us humans need, a little persuasion, a thought generated, an IDEA that can be carried forward to an amazing financial success.

    Just remember, success lies in DOING!

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