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    Hello everyone, I'm Augastin and I'm a Digital Marketer and Engineering Graduate. I wanted to share a quick story with y'all !! After reading you'd have the best way to start and scale you business completely for free !!!

    I was always a passionate learner in the fields of technology and marketing, and back in my college years, I worked with numerous startups and took part in a whole lot of internships. I learnt how startups worked and what these new businesses did to scale and grow up. Frankly, all the companies I worked for were making hell lot of profit ! This is the point where I decided that I would not work under any company after I graduate and that I would create a business of my own.

    I had all the experience I got from these startups I worked with. I decided to start an online business. But what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear "Online business", Exactly… A Website !

    Now, make sure you Read till the end for the best part !!!

    I started researching on various Web hosting platforms, their plans, support etc. A thing that I noticed was that all these platforms had an initial investment to make. And moreover, they demanded separate cost for each and every additional feature you use. For instance, you may have to create funnels if you're an online seller, create automatic email responders, courses, membership sites, host webinars etc. All of these features required additional costs !!

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