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    When starting an online business, you have to think of how an offline business is created. You should treat your online business the same. A good business plan is essential for success online, too!

    You should research and plan your site theme or business concept from an online perspective. Researching related keywords is an important part of that.

    Research related keywords to see if your idea has significant demand to be successful.... And, if it is an area where you can compete comfortably as a small business (this is related to the number of competitors in that field).

    Research and plan your potential business models. (i.e., affiliate marketing, e-goods, hard goods, information, etc.) Which models does your business idea lend itself to most readily.

    Once you have the research done, plan your site's structure in a logical manner using profitable related keywords for your main pages that link down to sub-topics related to that page.

    Most of all, try to build your business around a product, idea, or information about something, that you are knowledgeable about and interested in. When you work with something you're passionate about, you'll have a head start on success!

    Everyone should pursue what they love to do. Then work at doing what they love.

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