Special Opportunity for Service Companies with Google Local Services

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    If you haven't checked it out and you are a service company you should. Google is rolling out a new ad format for service companies across the country. You will have to check to see if it is available in your area for your service. But keep monitoring the situation and keep talking to Google.

    The service places four boxed ads at the top of the search page above everything else when a qualifying service is searched for. For example, we a roofer in Seattle (Elite Roofing Northwest - look us up!) and we show up in the listing. Google qualifiers companies by doing a strong background check. Once you pass they will show your company in one of the boxes along with a Google Guarantee that provides the customer with a $2,000 service guarantee.

    Google does not charge us for being listed. They only charge when a qualified lead calls us. The price is $40 for a lead which is great. Homeadvisor charges $120 for a lead that they share with 3 other companies and where they just give you the customer's phone number without connecting you to the customer.

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